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Why Game Time Budgeting?

Al's unyielding passion, unique perspectives, and dynamic presentation style engages all types of audiences and allows them to develop the correct mindset needed to establish and accomplish their goals. Al's committment to taking personal responsibility and accountability will become your montra after interacting with him for any length of time. Experiencing his engaging personality is like talking to a good friend whom you haven't seen in a while.

Our Mission: 
To provide training and coaching on practical and easy personal financial management principles which help people create more financial stability, security, and options while getting out of debt. 

Our Vision:
To lead people in America toward a debt free lifestyle, thereby, removing the hurt and pain caused by financial turmoil.

Our Values:
  • Trusting relationships
  • Helping people create positive financial behaviors 
  • Breaking financial bondage
  • Delivering what we promise 
 If you don't believe what we say about ourselves, the following "All-Star" success stories are from some of our past clients.  If you would like to share a personal note regarding your experience or a recent success, click here.

"All Star" Success Stories

“I really am afraid I have never used my money well.  If I wanted it, I bought it and usually found myself paying too much over a long period of time.  Al told us that he and his wife pay for everything in cash.  He said it is all about affordability.  I came away from his workshop telling myself, ‘If I can’t afford it.  I can’t have it.’”
James P. (KY)

I want to thank you again for your workshop yesterday! I have heard nothing but very positive responses from people who attended. What I thought were most valuable:
1) that you stated multiple times that it is ok if you can’t afford it, that everyone has a limit – repetition on key points like this is very effective
2) that keeping up with Joneses doesn’t make sense – who are the Joneses anyway
3) that by setting (and acting on) a SMART goal, you can find success – giving a tool to help people examine and act on their goals for realistic achievement
4) that credit cards are loans – most people could tell you their credit score but not their net worth
5) marketing is based off of tapping into emotions – control of emotions, or at least understanding that you’re being influenced, is key
6) and most important of all: that the material was presented in a way that really connected with the audience
David H., Executive Director (KY)

We are a non-profit agency whose mission is to help low income individuals and families come to homeownership through a lease to purchase program.  All of our clients struggle financially and Al’s financial expertise was sought out.  Al facilitated a workshop for approximately 20 of our client families.  His presentation was highly engaging, humorous, extremely applicable and financially poignant.  His demeanor was professional and easy going.  We were pleased with his ability to connect with our clients dispelling some of the fears they have about money.  After his presentation, several inquired as to the possibility to work with him on creating a personal budget.  I believe this speaks highly of Al’s impact. 
Marcia J. (KY)
 “I am just a teen but he made great points about living within my means.  I don’t know how my mom does it.  Actually she doesn’t that’s why we came.” 
Tyann D – age 15 (KY)
Quite simply, Al brings a measured and practical look at your individual financial status, but also, he gives a solid overview at how the present world system is stacked against those wanting a better financial future. The greatest piece of financial knowledge I received from this training is the understanding that my thinking, concerning money, must change toward removing debt, credit cards and anything else that would hinder saving and investing.
George (OH)
I highly recommend Al Riddick as a financial fitness coach! Al's teaching methods, straight-forward communication and detailed strategies will allow any individual or family to quickly achieve financial success. Through Al's leadership my family has been able to establish a realistic budget and eliminate 75% of our unsecured debt within 1 year! If you have the privilege to work with Al please take full advantage of his expertise. Al and his wife are a testimony that financial discipline really works!
Ron (OH)

Al was able to dissect the ins/outs of “finance 101” in a very practical and easily appreciated way. He clearly paints a better financial future with simple solutions and easy-to-apply strategies. What a great way of understanding huge benefits of strategic spending habits, saving and investing!
Funmi (OH)
I am only $182.00 away from my emergency fund. My shopping has changed, spending less at the grocery store, and cutting out buying sweets also helps my diet. I am glad I took the class and have recommended it to a couple of my friends. So thank you so much. I still have a ways to go, but at least I am not where I used to be.
Tracy (OH)
First, I have to say that Al's program is simple and consist of a lot of common sense. He helped me really realize where my money was going and where it should be going. As a result, I decided to set a plan. I have cut up my credit cards, no longer go to PayDay Advance places, I am living by a true budget, and finding alternative ways to make more money by using my talents. My spending is more controlled. I am still a "work" in progress. I am working on paying bills off one bill at a time and have started my emergency fund. Thanks so much for the knowledge and advice. Now its up to me to make it happen! ONE DAY, DEBT FREE WILL BE ME!
Sharon (OH)
This instruction is a MUST for anyone who wants to take control of their finances and their futures. Since working with Al, we have found nearly $600 in additional cash per month and are well on our way to being financially fit and free!
Jared and Ebony (OH)
Al facilitated a financial workshop "Dollars and Sense" for my organization this spring. Al was extremely knowledgeable and professional. The event was open to the public; therefore it was critical that the facilitator be flexible with individual financial literacy. Al was AMAZING! He engaged the audience and was open to all opinions even those opposing the information he was presenting. Al provided tools to aide in assessing your personal financial situation and offered his services to assist post the workshop. I would highly recommend his services to anyone seeking financial advice and counseling!
Danelle (OH)
The counseling I received from GTB has strengthened my budgeting skills and opened doors for new opportunities. I'm down to only five bills (house, car, student loan and two credit cards) now.
Jimmie (OH)
Throughout our years of marriage, we were not very disciplined with our finances. It wasn’t until we were in our 60’s that Game Time Budgeting revealed to us the amount of money we wasted on interest. Using the GTB service, we paid off approximately $18,000 of debt in 14 months. Thanks to GTB we now live debt free except for a mortgage payment.
Al & Alice (NC)
The coaching we received from GTB helped us pay off a lingering credit card (only mortgage debt now), become debt free and save approximately $12,000 cash all in about 12 months.
Rick & Alicia (GA)
We had $13,000 of outstanding debt before we sat down with Al. The budget we lived on was very stringent but allowed us to become debt free within 3 months (except for our mortgage).
Howard & Vivian (MI)
Being a client of the "Al Riddick" Budget Coaching Services forced me to look at my spending habits and helped me to identify and eliminate wasteful spending. I especially appreciated the personal feel and straight talk in helping me reach my financial goals.
Andre (GA)
The counseling I received from Game Time Budgeting was exactly what I needed to put me on the financial road to success. I started the counseling with no financial goals or plan. I was not only able to set (1) year and (5) year financial goals, but was able to complete the (1) year goal two months after seeing my financial snap shot.
Vanessa (GA)
Since working with Al, we have learned how to create a monthly budget and reduce our expenses. He offers honest and direct feedback that gets us closer to our goal of being debt free. We are committed to "do what we have to now so we can do what we want to later".
Jennifer & Yvette (OH)

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