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Thanks for making the decision to contact us. We consider it an honor to assist with your journey toward financial fitness. Helping you is what we love to do. To ensure your needs are addressed in a prompt manner, we promise to contact you within 24 hours (one business day).

Game Time Budgeting, LLC
260 Northland Boulevard, Suite 300
Cincinnati, OH  45246 

If you have a comment or suggestion regarding how we can better serve our customers, please let us know. Your opinions are valued and much appreciated. At GTB, we actually do listen so don’t hesitate to let us know what you think.
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For cash or money order payments
Please submit your payment made payable to: Game Time Budgeting, LLC, 260 Northland Boulevard, Cincinnati, OH  45246.  
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(a) “The Contract” means the agreement between the Seller and the Buyer as regards the products named in the purchase.

(b) “The Products” means any of the services offered by Game Time Budgeting that form the subject-matter of the purchase contract.

(c) “The Seller” means Game Time Budgeting.

(d) “The Buyer” means the company or individual(s) who have surrendered payments for the services offered by Game Time Budgeting.

(a) The prices in the Seller’s price lists ( “pay on-line” option) on the date of purchase by the buyer shall apply, unless otherwise agreed in writing. 

Attendance:  It is the buyer’s responsibility to adjust his or her schedule to allow for attendance at each group workshop session.  If the buyer can’t attend one of the weekly group sessions, the seller will offer a brief make-up session (by appointment only) via teleconference for $50USD. 

Training CD:  Copies of the training CD included in the workbook are available for $20USD.

Workbook:  All content (PowerPoint slides, worksheets, training CD) contained in the workbook is the property of Al Riddick.  Duplication of this material without the consent of Al Riddick may result in legal action.

Game Time Budgeting agrees to never distribute or sell your name, address, e-mail or phone number to third parties.
Game Time Budgeting makes no warranties regarding any information or services provided. 
(a) Payment must be made in full in the currency specified in the invoice.
(b) A convenience fee of $1.75 for every $50 will be applied to payments made using PayPal.
(c) Termination of the services provided by Game Time Budgeting is the right of the Seller and Buyer; however, no refunds will be made of payments received for services provided in full should the Buyer initiate termination after receipt of said services.

(d) The Buyer may not withhold, set off or deduct claims against the Seller from any amount that he owes the Seller under the Contract or any other agreement with the Seller.

(e) The Seller’s obligation to deliver the service shall terminate if the Buyer fails to make due payment of all amounts that he owes the Seller at the date of delivery.

(a) The parties agree that the Seller’s liability to the Buyer shall not exceed the invoiced price for the service.

(b) The Seller shall not be liable for any loss of earnings, loss of time or loss of use. In no circumstances shall the Seller be liable for any special or indirect loss whatsoever.

If you are not satisfied with any product (i.e., workbook) purchased from the seller, you may return it within 7 days from the purchase date. Please enclose a copy of your original paid invoice. Returned products should be shipped via UPS (delivery confirmation requested) and addressed to:
Game Time Budgeting, LLC
Returns Department
260 Northland Boulevard, Suite 300
Cincinnati, OH  45246

Shipping fees for returns are the customer’s responsibility. Upon receipt of the returned product, a refund for the price of the product (shipping cost excluded) plus applicable sales tax will be made within two weeks.